Videoconferencing is a set of hardware and software that creates audio and visual contact with a remotely located interlocutor.
As of now, there is no more high-quality business communication system than videoconferencing.

Modern pace of business activity has no borders and requires solutions for efficient communication. Leading experts and managers are often far away from each other, and personal meetings are not always possible. Videoconferencing system allows meeting partners and clients irrespective of their location.

Videoconferencing allows:

  • Due to the use of videoconferencing technology labor efficiency increases saving precious time of managers and other employees.
  • Videoconference enables accelerating managerial decision-making due to the possibility of attracting additional experts.
  • Videoconference saves time and money for trips and reduces fatigue.
  • Videoconference allows you “to be” in several places at once.

Benefits of using videoconferencing:

  • Money and time saving.
  • Communication is as close as possible to the real (live) one.
  • Reducing time for elaboration and making joint decision.
  • Efficiency is 80% higher compared to telephone communication.
  • Time to set up the video conversation is comparable with the time spent on the usual phone number dialing.
  • Long operating time of the equipment.
  • Possibility to use stationary or mobile system.

Videoconference (VCC) is an additional tool to save time and money. It provides everything that is necessary to implement the benefits of efficient exchange of high-quality video, audio information, and joint decision-making, irrespective of where in the country or even in the world each of the participants is located at the moment.

Application of videoconference (VCC) provides great benefits in such areas of human activity as management, medicine, distance learning, security assurance and many others by means of improving internal and external communication.

The economic impact of videoconferencing:

The economic impact of the implementation of a videoconference system, commonly called as VCS, is at first manifested by system operation, and is particularly noticeable in the following points:

  • Significant reduction of travel costs. Videoconference makes it possible to conduct a meeting between institutions that have different geographical locations.
  • More efficient use of working time. While duration of an average business trip is usually 3 days, it does not take more than 3 hours to prepare and hold the videoconference.
  • Improvement of efficiency and quality of management. Using videoconference allows being in many places at the same time, as well as attracting a large number of people to discuss a difficult issue.

The list of our clients includes: “Obolon” company, CJSC “Kyivstar G.S.M”, JSC “Philippe Morris Ukraine”, LLC “McDonald’s Ukraine”, “STB” TV company, FIE “Toyota Ukraine”, State Enterprise “Antonov”, Representative Office of “Berlin-Chemie”, Representative Office of “Nycomed”, LLC “Trading company – NIKO”, National News Agency of Ukraine “Ukrinform”, JSC “Ukreximbank”, LLC “Nestle Ukraine”, PJSC JSCB “Arkada”, JSC B.A.T. “Pryluky”, AC “Avon Cosmetics Ukraine”, and many others.
Currently, producers of VCS systems distinguish the systems of TelePresence class that represent a set of media providing maximum presence effect of remote interlocutors in the same room.

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