Interactive technologies for Education

Interactive Technologies: a Standard for the Modern Educational Institution

A classroom equipped with SMART Board is the best basic tool for collective and group work. It uses all the latest education technologies developed by SMART Technologies (Canada), the leading company on the market of interactive solutions. The popularity of this solution in the world is impressive. Today over 2 million interactive SMART boards are installed in the classrooms and offices all over the world. More than 30 million users actively study and use SMART products daily.


This flexible tool that combines simplicity of usual marker whiteboard with computer features.
Used together with overhead projector, the board turns into an interactive display. One touch of a hand to its surface can open any computer application or a web-page, show required information or just draw.
With the help of SMART Notebook software, anything you draw or write can be stored as computer files, printed, sent by email, or even stored as web-pages and uploaded online.
Interactive smart boards use the latest Touch technologies that recognize the type of touch to smart board surface.
A finger is a cursor, a marker is writing, a palm is an eraser. This clear by intuition technique of working on a smart board is considered to be the best in the world and is used in all personal device (smartphones, tablets…) that students love to use.

While working with a smart board, a student perceives information not only through audio and visual channels, but through a kinesthetic channel too, which is rarely used in today’s teaching methods. That is why children who did not get enough information through this channel potentially are unsuccessful students. This situation can be fixed with the help of SMART interactive technologies. Each student can intuitively choose the most convenient way to perceive information while working with interactive Smart Board. Research showed that in the classrooms with interactive Smart Boards children want to study more.

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