Automated Parking System

An automated parking is designed for automation of passage and can be used for the areas located in the open-air and at underground or roofed facilities with one or more entrances and exits.

When entering a parking facility, such system will recognize the number plates of a motor vehicle, will check them up in the database, and will let the vehicle in or out in the event of successful verification. There is also an option of a vehicle verification by the tickets with barcode or access cards of various types. When the system concept was designed, the principles of developing similar systems by the leading European manufacturers were studied and the specifics of their operation in the Ukrainian environment were most seriously taken into account. First of all, this is about climate durability, strength against vandalism, and operational simplicity for users. The most of attention was paid to the reliability of the system that uses the high-quality components by leading manufacturers from Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, and some other countries.

Automated parking makes it possible to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Remote control of the traffic at the entrance to and at the exit from the facility;
  • Creating the opportunity of granting automatic access for 'resident' vehicles, using their number plates for verification purposes (non-contact access cards);
  • Executing comfortable monitoring and analysis of a facility's operations;
  • Readout and recognition of the number plates of incoming and outgoing vehicles, using the relevant database for putting the time stamps and the quantity of entrances and exits accumulated over a day;
  • Inputting relevant information to the database for subsequent analysis of the traffic operations over a specific period of time;
  • Informing the drivers about vacant places at the parking facility by levels, zones, and strips;
  • Monitoring the systems events in real time mode.

Parking Payment System

Regular clients listed on the database can enter the parking facility without having to stop at the lifting gate as it is opened automatically for them, once the system recognizes their number plates (optionally, using non-contact access cards). In the event of 'non-stop' passage, the parking fee is paid in a non-cash form. It is also possible to use several methods of non-cash payment, such as:

  • Lease of a parking lot for a fixed term;
  • Prepayment of parking fee when money is charged only for the time the parking facility is used by a client;
  • Payment of parking fee at the end of a contractual period for the time the parking facility is used by a client.

In the event of cash payment for the parking services, a client drives up to the exit gate post and shows his/her parking ticket in order to pay for the parking services and the exit gate is lifted in the end. It is optionally possible to pay the parking fee at automatic terminals.

Automatic terminal to pay for the parking services

The automatic terminals to pay for the parking services are intended for making individual payments for such services. This option shortens the waiting line at the entrance to a parking facility.

Operation principle:

Following the payment of the parking fee, a driver receives an entrance ticket with a barcode. The information screen shows the period of time within which the driver should take his or her vehicle out of the parking facility via the exit gate (this information is also indicated on the parking ticket). At the exit, the driver places his or her parking ticket with a barcode onto a readout device and drives out of the parking facility. The advantage of this option is that drivers do not spend their time on making payments to the cash desk operators.

In the event that a driver misses the prescribed deadline, he or she pays additional parking fee at the exit cash desk.

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