Overseas Placement Consultancy

We also have with us service support for providing trade skills assessment so as to judge the competence levels of the candidates for the selected trade. These tests are conducted for both skilled as well as semi skilled candidates and are generally conducted for candidates before they go in for general assessment. Here, the level of trade skills assessment depends upon requirement of sector for which candidates are being assessed.

Some of our strengths in this field include:

  1. Trade tests for skilled workers like Pipe fitters, Electricians, Welders, Fabricators, Mason and Carpenters
  2. Best trade testing facilities for conducting interview and trade test.
  3. Well developed arrangements with Trade Centers for conducting these tests.
  4. Support of professionals for undertaking these tests in relevant field of operation.
  5. Arrangement with Third Party inspection agencies for inspections in case of welders for Oil and Gas Sector.
  6. Candidates also tested and checked for language skills for overseas appointments.
  7. Available best training support in all technical as well as non-technical categories to ensure workers meet with immediate requirements of clients.

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