Why 4qubes & Benefits

Why 4qubes

4 qube Consultants is an Indian recruitment consultancy that maintains high professional standards to cater the recruitment and staffing needs of Indian region. There are immense employment opportunities available in India and with the dedicated team support of Indian recruitment agency , we create business opportunities and utilize advanced technological support to deliver the desired results.

We are fully committed towards sourcing and engaging a batch of highly qualified and skilled personnel.

Our Domestic Recruitment Services comprises:

Sourcing :-   With excellent networking and sound data bank of potential candidates from different categories, we have complete access to a large number of job seekers.

Screening, Selecting and Short Listing :-   We are well versed with business operations and industrial requirements of different sectors that allow us to conduct screening tests of potential candidates in a highly professional manner. With due assistance from industry specialists and HR professionals, we are able to conduct selection rounds, handle choosing of right candidate for vacancy as well as help in saving significant time at your end.

Arranging for Schedule Interviewing :-   After short listing of candidate at our end, we conduct interview as per the mutual convenience of both the parties. Here, all arrangements relating to ticketing, traveling and accommodation are also taken care of by, thus ensuring candidate reaches the place, anywhere in subcontinent, on time.

Other HR Related Services :-   The other HR related services provided by us are with proper insight into various angles of organization and employee behavior.

The services are offered with proper time management, and includes:

  1. Sales Training
  2. Marketing Training
  3. Induction Process of the company
  4. Product Knowledge

Backed by unparalleled expertise as followed and delivered in professional international recruitment agency principles, we have with us deep understanding of international man power recruitment services and help in providing comprehensive HR services as well as recruitment solutions so as to maximize clients' manpower potential. With possibility of hunt for quality talent also requiring overseas recruitment of particular skills, we being a global organization have also placed job seekers in international regions of

  1. Middle East
  2. Africa
  3. Mauritius
  4. Canada
  5. UK
  6. Maldives

International Recruitment Services

Other than providing immigration advice that is part of recruitment package to prospective and current clients, some of the other value added services offered by us are:
  1. Manpower Consultancy
  2. Once potential candidate is identified, next step is selection test (oral or practical) taken by employer or his authorized representative
  3. For this we make complete arrangements for travel, accommodation, ensuring candidate reaches place on right time
  4. In case we are entrusted with selection & testing of prospective employee, we conduct the procedure through taking support of panel of experts for technical & professional categories
  5. This procedure is followed under direct supervision of our professional executives

Visa Assistance

Having complete understanding of the intricacies involved in international recruitment procedure, we hold specialization in providing fast as well as dependable services. Here, the experience gained by us while processing millions of travel documents also guarantees of the visa being handled quickly (even overnight), accurately as well as professionally. Our visa services are applicable to following areas:
  1. Employment Visa
  2. Visit Visa
  3. Work Permits

The other arrangements we take care here include:
  1. Travel and Ticketing Arrangements
  2. Medical Checkup
  3. Orientation Program


Some of the benefits that are provided through our services include:

Our Business Approach

  1. Systematic and streamlined methodology of recruitment
  2. The clear defined approach helps us to provide apt manpower according to Client's requirement at stipulated time.
  3. Service support of qualified and efficient staff for testing, interviewing and assessment purposes.
  4. Selection process handled by people having immense knowledge and experience in field, thus enabling us to tackle client's requisition promptly.

Our Search Methods

  1. Method of handling search for candidate tailored to specific circumstances
  2. This is done keeping in mind considerations like industry-specific skills and location of such talent
  3. Based on this, we shortlist candidates
  4. Here, geographic scope of search is agreed upon with client, based on their work values

Our Work Process

  1. We pro actively tap market for excellent candidates
  2. Once candidates are identified, we conduct in-depth interviews with each individual
  3. Here, we obtain detailed information (on topics like educational background, career goals, personality traits, experience, job history, compensation etc)

Team and Infrastructure

  1. Backed with powerful and well integrated recruitment technologies, we have team of seasoned expert recruiters
  2. We have latest facilities in area of communication, frequent transport and others that leads to expedition of entire process
  3. All our recruiters have significant management experience where for most of posts, they have "been there and seen it all"
  4. They understand job requirement completely and appreciate that it is human resource that forms backbone of organization's success

Online Psychometric Test

The Online Psychometric Test is required to be conducted by most of the employers. These tests helps in the evaluation of and estimation of the psychological state of mind of employees. These tests are specifically designed for various corporate and industrial job profiles.

These psychometric tests are used by the employers while taking following decisions:

  1. Recruitment Decisions
  2. Promotion Decisions
  3. Competition Facing Ability
  4. Concept Understanding
  5. Emotional Intelligence

These tests helps in the preparation of a potential candidate and helps the employee as well as employer to reach a wide spectrum of industries.

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