Conference System

Conference system is a set of audio equipment designed for comfortable communication between members of different events, regardless of the size of the room. Conference system is also called discussion system or congress system.

Capabilities of the Conference System

Conference system, unlike ordinary desk microphones, is capable to manage the course of the discussion, as well as provide many other useful features:

  • possibility of members’ voting;
  • ability to identify the participants;
  • simultaneous translation;
  • simultaneous sound broadcast for multiple zones / rooms;
  • projection of a speaker on a large screen;
  • integration with videoconferencing systems;
  • recording (minutes keeping) of the course of events;
  • multimedia possibilities: sharing documents, audio and video content.

Where are the conference systems used?

Conference systems are used:

  • in conference rooms,
  • in convention halls,
  • in meeting rooms,
  • in press centers,
  • in classrooms,
  • wherever necessary to make communication of participants comfortable.

Currently, conference systems are installed in government and public organizations, business offices, hotels, banks, educational and medical institutions.

Types of conference systems: what to choose?

Conference system consists of a central control unit, chairman unit, discussion panels, installed on the tables, as well as other software and interface modules.
Depending on the mode of interaction between the central control unit and personal devices of delegates, conference systems are classified into wired (cable) and wireless ones.

Wired Conference Systems

Wired conference systems use digital or analog signals for audio stream transmission by cables. Such conference systems are more suitable for fixed installations.
Features of the wired conference systems:

  • increased operational stability compared to wireless systems, reliable protection against interference;
  • lower cost compared to wireless conference systems;
  • requirement of professional installation at the design stage of the conference room;
  • redundancy capability (for example, in multimedia systems).

Wireless Conference Systems

Wi-Fi or an infrared signal are used in order to send a signal in the wireless conference systems.
Wireless conference systems are excellent in case you need to avoid cable installation. Conference systems of this type are often available from rental companies.
Wireless conference systems are used:

  1. for quick equipment of the room or for alternate application of the system in different rooms;
  2. in the rooms where repairs, cabling, etc. are undesirable.
The disadvantages of the wireless conference systems include: high price, not always good interference resistance (good interference protection is provided only by leading equipment manufacturers), the need to recharge battery devices.

Analog Conference Systems

Signal is used in the analog form. Due to functional limitations for this type of signals, analog conference systems are limited in scope of integration and additional functionality, though they are moderately priced.

Digital Conference Systems

They have a high-quality sound, broad functionality and unlimited possibilities of integration with audio-video systems, and control systems. These conference systems are recommended for complex integrated installations.

An example of a fully functional integrated conference system

  • automatic camera pointing at the speaker;
  • display of voting results as diagrams on the general screen;
  • possibility to demonstrate documents to the participants, including on the general screen;
  • possibility of videoconferencing;
  • remote administration of the sound, display and lighting systems.

Multimedia Conference Systems

With the advent of the new (multimedia) generation of equipment, conference systems no longer focus only on sound. Panels of the multimedia conference systems are equipped with touch screen, which enables displaying documents / videos / presentations both on the screen of each participant and on the general screen, and makes it possible to use additional software applications and go online.

Desk and Built-in Conference Systems

In order to save space and create a unified design concept of the room conference systems can be installed on the tables or built directly in the surface of tables or rostrum.

Conference System with Simultaneous Interpreting

Conference system with simultaneous interpreting allows event participants to hear the speech of speakers in their native language. For this purpose, participant selects the desired channel of simultaneous interpreting on the microphone panel and uses headphones for listening.
Simultaneous interpretation is carried out by simultaneous interpreters, who sit in separate soundproof booths each. Interpreter’s booth provides a clear audio signal, because it is well protected from external noise and speech of the neighboring interpreters.
It is worth mentioning that the current conference systems with simultaneous interpreting easily solve the task of translation into many languages, for example, Bosch conference system enables translation into 31 languages.

Conference System with Embedded Registration and Identification

Some events require registration and / or identification of participants. Embedded functionality of the conference system enables doing it with the help of contact or contactless registration cards, PINs or even fingerprints of participant.

Conference System with Voting Function

Conference systems of this type enable carrying out a voting procedure in real time without any additional devices. This function is already integrated into the system, and buttons (or interactive buttons) for voting are located on the panel of the conference system. Voting results can be displayed on a general screen in the pre-programmed form – diagrams, charts, etc.

Software Capabilities of the Conference Systems

Software produced by the manufacturers of the conference systems, in addition to the basic application, is intended to significantly enhance their functionality. In some cases, along with software, additional devices are needed: for example, in order to be able to automatically display the speaker on general screens, camcorders are additionally required.

Preparation and management of the meeting:

  • Planning the course of discussion, establishment of priorities for the participation of different participants.
  • Timers for speeches.
  • Possibility to create a plan of event, as well as content binding to the specific topics of the plan.
  • Possibility to create a database of participants, the use of information about them in the course of the meeting

Camera control:
  • Automatic camera pointing at the speaker and his display on the screens of multimedia devices.
  • Displaying speaker’s name (if delegates’ database is used).

Interactive voting:

Easy procedure of voting with a simple and clear interface.

  • Possibility to prepare voting patterns in advance.
  • If necessary, verification of the user’s rights for voting can be carried out.
  • The results, as well as the option selected by the participant, are displayed on the multimedia devices and general screens.

Identification / registration of participants:
  • The possibility to use a unique participant’s name and password to log in.
  • Possibility to select and / or appoint locations for the participants.
  • Recognition of participants in the automatic mode.



Bosch DCN multimedia conference system
Bosch DCN multimedia is the latest generation of conference systems. In the process of the system development, engineers focused on creating the best way to exchange information between the participants. With the advent of DCN multimedia, it became possible to use not only audio, but also video content, to share access to viewing documents and presentations, access the Internet. To make this possible, there are touch screens with the size of a small tablet PC placed on multimedia desk devices of the conference system.
In addition to convenience, joint usage of different data formats significantly increases the involvement of the participants of the event.

DCN multimedia device

  • 7” touch screen (capacitive)
  • Automatic network configuration function
  • Removable compact microphone. A long or short microphone, as well as a microphone on a flexible boom, can be optionally installed.
  • Set-in two-way loudspeaker

Audio processor of the DCN multimedia system

  • Fully compliant with standards OMNEO and Ethernet (IEEE802.3)
  • Echo cancellation, acoustic feedback, equalizer

Dome HD-camera Conference Dome uages

  • Resolution HD 1080p and 720p
  • Compact and stylish design
  • A ten-fold optical and sixteen times digital zoom
  • Standard output HD-SDI
  • Management and configuration via Ethernet
  • Optional display of the delegate names on the screen of up to 16 characters in length
  • 360° pan technique (continuous and high speed)

Wireless Bosch DICENTIS conference system

A system of intelligent control and standard WiFi technology are used for the operation of the conference system.
Intelligent control system monitors the availability of the network and its load. Continuous operation of the conference system, in case of increase in traffic, will be ensured by a smooth switch to another channel. Moreover, any interruptions or failures are excluded.

Wireless DICENTIS devices

  • Two options of devices: with 4,3” touch screen (capacitive) and without a screen.
  • Operation time – 24 hours (20% of talk mode, 80% of hearing mode)
  • Standard WiFi – IEEE 802.11n
  • Integrated NFC scanner for user identification.
  • Ability to add labels and logos to the touch screen.
  • Batteries of the devices are removable, which makes it easy to charge and replace them.
  • Possibility to assign the status of the participant and / or the chairman.

Wireless access point DICENTIS

  • Standard WiFi – IEEE 802.11n.
  • Encryption WPA2, which ensures secure connection.
  • Instant switching of frequencies in the bands 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Supply capabilities: from the source (included to the set), power cord, PoE.

Bosch DCN-NG conference system

DCN-NG conference system, unlike many other competitive systems offers flexible options of expansion and integration with the devices of third-party manufacturers.
Conference system incorporates a fully functional system of voting, as well as 31 interpretation channels, and the channel of the main language of the event.

Wireless discussion units

All wireless Bosch discussion units can be used in the “delegate” or “chairman” mode. The devices have good protection against electromagnetic interference, effective power saving techniques, automatic microphone switch off function, the function of “network search”, and a built-in speaker. Battery replacement and charging is quick and easy.

Wired discussion units

Discussion units, resistant to mobile phone interference, have ergonomic compact design and built-in speaker, can be used in the “delegate” or “chairman” mode.

Concentus units

Units have high interference resistance to the impact of mobile phones, stylish design, built-in folding speaker, five voting buttons.

Microphones DCN MICS/L

Optional microphones DCN MICS / L are available in two versions: with a short and long flexible boom. All microphones have an embedded protection against external noise such as clapping, breathing etc.


Paperless multimedia conference system TAIDEN HCS-8300

Paperless multimedia conference system TAIDEN HCS-8300 contains additional functions and capabilities to work with documents, as well as communicate with remote participants via video connection.
The newest TAIDEN devices for a paperless conference system comprise of the multimedia devices with a 10" multi-touch screen and a built-in five megapixel camera.
Thus, the conference holding reaches an absolutely new level that includes interactive communication and remote data exchange.

Digital infrared wireless conference system TAIDEN HCS-5300

TAIDEN HCS-530 conference system is designed for mobile applications and is indispensable for fixed installation where cabling is undesirable / impossible. Wireless system modules are universal and can operate in the chairman or delegate mode, which easily allows organizing and managing all the events.
TAIDEN HCS-5300 is fully functional and works not only in the mode of discussion, but also in voting mode, for which 5 buttons are provided on personal units. In addition, it has built-in capabilities of simultaneous interpreting for three foreign and one main language of the event.
This conference system is an infrared one. Since the infrared signal does not pass through walls, this system can be called securely protected from audio interception. Also, this system does not affect other systems installed in adjacent rooms.
In order to manage all the modes and functions of the system, TAIDEN offers powerful software that enables an operator to take over the supervision of the system operation via local network. The system can optionally be connected to video tracking system that allows the camcorder to be automatically directed at the live microphone, meaning at the speaker currently speaking.

4 Qube carries out sales, designing and installation of conference systems, as well as complex “turnkey” equipment of conference rooms.
Focusing on the needs of customers, we select equipment and systems to meet not only your technical, but also financial requirements.

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