Digital queuing System

Digital queuing system

Intensive development of the service market poses challenges to improve the quality of customer service.
If a company has to deal with large and regular flows of visitors, the primary task of service improvement is the convenience and speed of service. Queue management system (QMS) successfully copes with this task.

What is a Digital Queue?

Digital queue is a software and hardware complex that solves the problem of visitor flow distribution by type of questions and the time spent in the queue, creating comfortable conditions for waiting process. The main purpose of the complex is to organize the waiting process up to the service receipt by informing the visitors about the place in the queue and waiting time.

Purpose of the QMS

The digital queue management system is designed to create maximum convenience both for the client and for the service personnel.

Complicated tasks are in front of the institutions serving huge population flow:

  • how to provide high-quality services to several clients simultaneously
  • how to speed up the process of citizens’ servicing, reduce waiting time in the queue
  • how to improve the working conditions of the personnel
  • how to get statistics about the most popular services
Queue management system will be useful primarily for any service sector companies: post office, banks, Internet access providers, communications service providers, medical institutions, enterprises of the tourism sector, centers of public institutions for servicing the population, logistic distribution centers and many others.

Features of the digital queuing system:

  • The system makes it possible to register for the queue via the Internet.
  • Digital queue enables to receive statistic data on the types of queries.
  • It allows monitoring the dynamics of appeals over periods of the year, month and day.
  • It records the load of the staff and speed of service.

Benefits and advantages of the QMS

  1. Increase of the speed of service provision to the visitors. Structuring and organization of the queue increase the speed of visitor servicing by 25-30%.
  2. Recording of the service history. The accumulated analytical data are used to analyze and improve the effectiveness of the principal activity (for example, information on demand for services, fluctuations of demand, etc.), as well as to control the personnel’s work.
  3. Reduction of conflicts and disputes in the process of waiting for the service. isitor servicing by 25-30%.
  4. Provision of comfortable working conditions for the personnel.
  5. Significant increase in the company’s image and consumer’s trust.
It is worth to highlight the possibilities of the digital queuing system to build a “transparent office”, where fraud with visitor order of access is excluded and the corruption schemes in the process of issuing certificates, documents and licenses are eliminated. That is why many government institutions, licensing centers, banks, visa centers, embassies, medical institutions and insurance companies use digital queue management system.

How does the digital queue management system operate?

The algorithm of operation of the digital QMS is simple and does not require much time and intellectual efforts of its acquisition.
At the entrance to the institution the information terminal of the digital queue is installed to register the visitors. Before receiving the necessary service, the visitor chooses an appropriate menu item on a touch screen of the terminal, and then he/she is registered in the queue and receives a ticket with a queue number. Having entered the waiting area your visitor observes the central display, on which the information is updated and accompanied by the sound signal of servicing.
Digital queue display
Having received the ticket, the client waits for his/her turn, watching the information display of the digital queue, which presents the information about the current client and number of the employee rendering the service. The visitor comes to the service window, when his/her registration number appears on the central display of the digital queue (voice announcement is provided additionally) with the number of the employee rendering the service. That is how the queue management system controls the loading, removes negativity and improves the service of citizens’ reception.
Queuing software for the employees
Statistics of the digital queuing system
Digital queuing system allows monitoring of ongoing work and collecting statistics over a period of time. black; mso-ansi-language:
For example:

  • the number of people waiting in a queue
  • the number of clients served by a particular employee
  • average time of client’s servicing
  • average time of the client's waiting period

From now on, staying in any organization will cease to be a tiresome and exhausting process both for the visitors and the servants.

The system of digital queue management consists of:

  • “Digital queue management system” software.
  • Special touch-sensitive terminal, with a receipt printer, which provides a ticket with the queue number.
  • The main display.
  • Display of the service window is installed directly next to the operator, it indicates the ordinal number of the window, and the queue number of the client serviced at the moment.
  • Remote control unit of the digital queue operator (software on the operator or cashier's computer).
  • Touch-sensitive terminal of the digital queue system is installed at the entrance to the premises. It serves to select the type of service by the client: registration of certificate, issuance of license, etc. It is made in vandal-resistant enclosure and has an integrated ticket printer.

Today 4 Qube Technologies has successfully implemented many projects of digital QMS of various degrees of complexity, for:

  • “Kyivenergo” customer service centers in Kyiv,
  • service points of «DTEK Donetskoblenergo» in Horlivka and Kryvyi Rih cities,
  • personnel management center of “ArcelorMittal” enterprise
  • licensing center of Zhytomyr City Council etc.

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