Digital Signage

The purpose of the Digital Signage system is to display textual, graphic and video information of advertising and reference character in the highest quality way on a variety of display tools that are geographically dispersed over the area of the site.

Advertisement on the displays installed in the crowded places has an efficient impact on thousands of visitors every day, drawing their attention to the advertised products, services, and promotions.
Digital Signage system (system of display of the advertising and reference information) operates directly at the Customer’s premises. Professional LCD displays capable of operating on a 24/7 basis are most often used to display information.
The software of the system is designed to provide easy and simple usage, as well as long-term operation without any human intervention.
Digital Signage is installed in supermarkets, shopping malls, theaters, exhibition halls, passenger terminals, subway stations, as well as any other public places.
4 Qube's specialists will select equipment, install and set up both software and hardware of the system.

Distinctive features of the Digital Signage system

  • Operational advertising of goods, services, events, promotions directly at the site.
  • Assertive nature of advertising due to the impact on thousands of visitors every day.
  • Display with high quality slides, text and graphics, photos, videos, television broadcasts.
  • Multiple displays with a big screen at different points of site.
  • Management of displays from one operator’s unit.
  • Per-second time management of displays and their recording.
  • Automatic display control in accordance with the pre-established scenario.
  • Simplicity of preparation of data for displays, the possibility of operator’s immediate intervention into the course of presentations.
  • Display with high brightness, fabulous contrast ratio, vivid colors, and no image distortion.
  • Minimum maintenance personnel: operator + technician.
  • Possibility of further extension of the system by installing additional displays, usage of other types of display facilities, access to the Internet.

Configuration of the Digital Signage system

Advertising network is constructed as a centralized information system. The computer, to which industrial computers (controllers) are connected and form an image for the display facilities, is used as the central control unit.

Features of the digital queuing system:

Information display facilities are geographically dispersed. Removal of the display facilities from the central hub is determined by the type of the information network that is a basis for the system to be built.

Information display facilities are placed inside or outside the premises, which is determined by requirements to the conditions of equipment’s operation.

Composition of the Digital Signage equipment

Server (control computer): personal computer specially designed for twenty-four hour operation (if required).

Operator’s workplace: personal computer, specially dedicated to the preparation of advertising materials and scheduling of information displays.

Controller (industrial computer): a compact, but high-performance and modern computer. Computational power is sufficient to decode and display MPEG2 / MPEG4 / WMV video. Video subsystem is compatible with Microsoft DirectShow9.

Additional equipment: routing switches of VGA/DVI or video signals, video signals’ converters, network switch, modem (for a network built on the basis of the Internet), patch panels, UPS. All the equipment can be placed in one room.

LCD displays with a screen diagonal of 42" - 65'' are the most popular display facilities in the Digital Signage system. It is also possible to use projection screens or video walls. In order to set up and control the information display a specialized Leater Video Advertising System (Leater V.A.S.) software is used.

Specialized software for display of advertisements

Leater Video Advertising System (Leater V.A.S.) provides the following possibilities:

  • Allows playing digital videos, located on the digital storage medium or hard disk of the computer;
  • Software is specifically designed for twenty-four-hour operation without human intervention and has powerful self-restoring abilities in case of hardware or software failure;
  • Allows displaying the video image from an external source;
  • Allows making video playlists and the display lists of an external video source;
  • Allows switching the display of playlists automatically according to the schedule;
  • Animated or static logo, crawls’ schedules, schedules of inset of additional advertising videos, “picture in picture” function can be assigned as an attribute to each element of a playlist, besides, each video clip can be assigned with “advertiser’s identifier” for the subsequent report of the actual total display time of video clips for each advertiser over a certain period of time;
  • Displays additional graphical elements (a textured clock, a crawl with an optional graphic underlay, a logo) by means of overlaying above the video picture with adjustable transparency. All parameters of the additional graphics can be flexibly adjusted to individual requirements;
  • Transition from one video clip to another is carried out according to the “fade-in” type, therefore, the last frames of the preceding clip are being gradually darkened, and the first frames of the next one are being clarified that provides a more comfortable transition between video clips;
  • Is built on the basis of DirectX9 and DirectShow9 technologies of the Microsoft company, and thus, supports the entire range of digital video formats that are available in this technology.
  • Uses the opportunities of the modern 3D accelerators.

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